Sentis des Alpes

Client: Kräutermanufaktur Ingeborg Schneider
Date: since 2020

We worked on the packaging design for tees, cosmetics and tinkturen. Although we all live in Vienna we really enjoy working on a project from our hometown.

The Story

hier kommt noch ein flotter text über inge und ihren garten. Inge Schneider is the founder of Sentis Cosmetics and Sentis Kräutergarten. She is living in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg where she has her own garden. There she plants all the ingredients she needs for her products. Everything is handmade. Inge harvests all the flowers from her garden and produces the cosmetics and tees right there in her own factory right next to the garden.


In addition to the static facts, there is also the so-called ‚emotional data‘, namely the opinions of 400 Vorarlbergers who were interviewed. Our goal was to create a book about Vorarlberg also together with the Vorarlbergers. We wanted to know, for example, what their favorite dialect word is, where they think the most beautiful place in Vorarlberg is, how they get to work and whether they might want to belong to Switzerland after all.

So it has become a book made by Vorarlbergers, about Vorarlberg and containing the opinions of Vorarlbergers – in other words, very Vorarlberg. Made in Vorarlberg.

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