Kathrin Haunschmied – Physiotherapie & Osteopathie

Client: Kathrin Haunschmied
Date: 2020
Work: Branding and vizual language

After a really interesting and honest interview we had with Kathrin we started working on the branding. For us, the first step in every branding project is, to understand the client, their personality, their way of working, their interaction with their clients. After having a feeling for our clients and partners it is possible to create a brand that fits them best.

The Story

The combination of three
We focused on three main factors when creating the logo. The angle, the patient and the name together combines to the final Logo icon.

The Angle
An angle as a symbole for the possible movement.

The Patient
The main focus of a physiotherapist is the patient. Human to human

The Name 
Kathrin runs her own physiotherapy and osterpathy praxis. K for Kathrin