Das Zweitkleinste – Vorarlberg in Zahlen

Kunde: Selbstinitiiert
Datum: 2019
Preis: € 28,60
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The book contains data & facts about Vorarlberg. About 100 topics are visualized in this book: How do the people of Vorarlberg live? Has the crime rate in the country risen? How high are the prices per square meter in the different provinces? How old will we be and at what age will we retire?

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The Story

Many of our conversations began with the question „Why is this book needed – it contains almost no text and no pictures at all“?
We are designing this book to show what’s happening in Austria’s second smallest province. How do Vorarlbergers live? Has crime risen in the state? What does a square meter cost in the various communities? How old do we get and when do we retire? What do we earn on average per year and how do we use our land? How many people go to the polls and how do weddings and divorces compare? This book is a collection of current data and facts that is intended to show us Vorarlberg in an exciting and factual way.

How is the book structured?
Just as the Bodensee, for example, can be found under ‚B‘, the rest of the book is also arranged alphabetically. Thus, the imprint is not on the last page as usual, but under ‚i‘. The second smallest is, so to speak, a smorgasbord of exciting and above all current facts and figures about Vorarlberg. The contents are mainly taken from Statistik Austria and Land Vorarlberg and are from 2017, 2018 and 2019.

With this book, we show where Vorarlberg stands today and in which direction it is moving. Nothing is glossed over or left out.

Emotional Data

In addition to the static facts, there is also the so-called ‚emotional data‘, namely the opinions of 400 Vorarlbergers who were interviewed. Our goal was to create a book about Vorarlberg also together with the Vorarlbergers. We wanted to know, for example, what their favorite dialect word is, where they think the most beautiful place in Vorarlberg is, how they get to work and whether they might want to belong to Switzerland after all.

So it has become a book made by Vorarlbergers, about Vorarlberg and containing the opinions of Vorarlbergers – in other words, very Vorarlberg. Made in Vorarlberg.

Das Zweitkleinste wins Awards